App Your Game: 10 Ideas to Turn $100K into $10M in 2024!

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App Your Game: 10 Ideas to Turn $100K into $10M in 2024!

1st July, 2024. 4:50 pm


Hello, intrepid investor and aspiring app magnate! 

Are you tired of merely daydreaming about being obscenely wealthy?

Buckle up because we’re about to transform that $100,000 burning a hole in your bank account into a staggering $10 million. Or at least, we’ll die trying—metaphorically, of course. Let’s jump into the custom mobile app-pool; the water’s just fine, and it’s filled with money!

We take a look at 10 outstanding ideas for an app that are bound to peak your interest while becoming the next million dollar market disruptor.

10 Fantastic App Development Ideas For Aspiring Investors & Entrepreneurs in 2024
1. Virtual Reality Travel Experiences

Why bother with the hassle of actual travel when you can visit the world from your sofa? In a 2022 survey discovered that over 45% of travelers prefer virtual tours before choosing a holiday destination. 

No more pesky luggage or the need to learn basic phrases in six languages. Create a virtual reality app that lets users climb Everest or stroll through Venice. The only thing they’ll need to pack is their credit card for that premium subscription model you’ll cunningly offer.

2. AI-Powered Personal Finance Assistant

Imagine an app that tells you buying that fourth coffee of the day is a bad financial decision—revolutionary, right? A Fact.MR survey discovered that 6 out of 10 users show a preference towards personal finance apps, with 40% also willing to pay for intelligent data-driven advice. 

Help users drop those bad spending habits and manage finances smartly with a personal finance app. Utilize AI to nag users about their spending habits and provide investment advice they probably won’t follow. Offer them subscription plans for more detailed nagging with a premium account.

3. Eco-Friendly Living Guide

With the planet heating up faster than a microwave burrito, an app that helps users live sustainably is perfect. Sustainable products perform 75% better on online stores compared to other product categories, while 55% customers are willing to pay more for these products according to The Roundup.  

Invest in an eco friendly app to track their carbon footprint and suggest they stop eating beef or start biking to work. Make money by partnering with companies selling eco-friendly products. They’re everywhere and they’re guilt-tripping us into buying things.

4. Telehealth Services for Mental Health

Since we’re all a bit of a mess these days, a mental health app could be a hit. The mental health apps market was valued at $6.1 billion in 2023, and is expected to grow to $7.19 billion by the end of 2024 claims a Global Market Insights report. 

Users get quick access to therapists who can remind them not to read online comments. Make this a subscription model because mental peace is invaluable but not free. From preventing the onset of mental wellbeing & maintaining overall well-being to offering corporate wellness programs, a mental health app is one of the most lucrative app ideas in 2024.

5. Customized Learning Platforms

Why learn something at a snail’s pace when an app could cater to your personal learning quirks? With 270 million users in 2020 and still growing, learning & education app revenues are projected to grow to $10 billion by 2026 according to Business of Apps.  

Target this app at lifelong learners and corporations with too much training budget. Immense potential in language learning apps and learning apps for kids have showcased the opportunities in this sector. Cash in on the desperation to stay relevant in the job market.

6. Freelancer Marketplace for the Gig Economy

Connect desperate freelancers with gig-hungry businesses. Apps for freelancers are taking off mostly thanks to the growing gig-economy in the US with almost 77 million freelancers in 2024

Take a tiny, inconspicuous cut from each transaction with your freelance app—so small no one will notice until you’re fabulously wealthy.

7. IoT Home Automation

For those who find flipping a switch too taxing, a smart home app is perfect. Coolest Gadgets informs that 81% of Americans with experience & knowledge of smart devices now prefer homes integrated with intelligent technologies. 

Users can control everything without moving more than a finger. Bring everything a tap away for 60+ million American households with a feature rich IoT home automation app. Monetize their laziness by selling them premium features or the entire hardware kit.

8. Augmented Reality Interior Design

Help indecisive customers see what that ridiculously expensive couch looks like in their living room before they buy it. An AI interior design app accelerates plan approval and deal closing, with 75% of designers using 3D interior design apps to visualize homes & offices. Almost 90% of surveyed architects and interior designers utilized AR interior design apps in their work.  

Give them the best interior design app, charge them for the privilege or take a cut from the scared furniture companies grateful for your app reducing returns.

9. Blockchain-Based Voting System

In a world where no one trusts anyone anymore, your blockchain based e-voting app will promise transparency in elections or choosing the office lunch spot. Blockchain technology has the potential to successfully implement e-voting systems, with transparency and auditability. Security and privacy are also central to an online voting app, also inherent in Blockchain technology. 

Governments and corporations might pay big money for this—or they might not. It’s a gamble, really.

10. Health-Based Meal Planning and Delivery

Because who actually knows how to cook quinoa? With over 200 million downloads and a go to solution for users aged between 25 and 45 free meal planning apps are both top ranking downloads on both iOS & Android App stores (4.5+), and their paid subscriptions generate 75% of the revenue for these applications. 

A meal planning app plans meals and delivers the ingredients. Users pay for the convenience, and you profit from their confusion over what exactly a balanced diet entails.

The Mic Drop!

Remember, while turning $100,000 into $10 million is absolutely possible in an article headline, it isn’t guaranteed. But with these brilliant custom app development ideas combined with a bit of Crownsoft Execution magic, who knows? You might just be the next big thing—or at least, you can enjoy telling people at parties that you’re an “app entrepreneur.” Happy innovating!

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