PPC Management Services

Data-Driven PPC Management Services

Optimize Ad Campaigns, Amplify Revenue. Maximize The Full Potential Of Every Click.

Achieve superior conversions with our data-driven PPC management services. Optimize ROI from Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media channels. Increase CTR, enhance conversions, improve quality scores, and target the right audiences with insights assisted by Crownsoft’s managed PPC services.

Ignite Sales Through Expert PPC Management Services

Utilize paid search to propel your sales. Secure qualified leads, boost website traffic, and amplify revenue with professional PPC campaign management services. Surpass business objectives with data-driven strategies by experienced PPC professionals with transparent reporting & analytics.  

Our PPC Management Services

Generate High Quality Leads With Crownsoft’s Comprehensive PPC Management Services Reach up to 90% of internet users with the Google search network assisted by Crownsoft’s unparalleled PPC advertising services. Develop, manage, and enhance your pay-per-click strategy with immensely experienced paid marketing experts with over 25 years of experience.

PPC Campaign Audits

Drive valuable results for your business, ensuring your campaigns work with professional PPC campaign audits. Crownsoft PPC campaign management services deliver data-backed recommendations to optimize
pay-per-click performance.

A dedicated PPC campaign manager analyzes competitor ad campaigns, bidding strategies, result tracking and many other aspects to deliver maximum ROI for your paid marketing initiatives. Backed by real-time research insights, our professionals develop custom PPC ad marketing strategies to complement your business goals. 

Ad Creatives & Copy

Build and launch optimized campaigns with Crownsoft’s prolific PPC services. We offer a comprehensive digital marketing agency experience with in-house designers, content creators, and PPC experts to create, launch, and manage high-performance ad campaigns.

Our experienced pay-per-click managers strategically set up, design, and develop ad copies, build landing pages, and create audio and video for your campaigns. With Crown Soft, you grasp the edge over the competition with creative ads that attract, engage, and convert visitors.

Reduce design and content writing timelines and forget about high freelancing costs and delays facilitated by our PPC ads services.

Enterprise Data Integration

Leverage your in-house data to streamline pay-per-click ad campaigns. Crownsoft’s custom PPC ad management services enable managers to easily collect and integrate customer data into Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Bing Ads, and LinkedIn ads with one click. 

Your dedicated PPC manager activates data from CRMs, email lists, and website forms, mobilizing it for paid campaigns. Based on client feedback, our professionals estimate up to 20% improvements in ROI with your customer data.

Funnel Tracking & Reporting

Crownsoft PPC management services continuously track campaign performance and actively deliver analytical reports. We also keep your marketing teams updated about popular channels, campaigns, and landing pages that influence your buyer journey and convert visitors to customers.   

Our professional reports deliver strategic insights that enable data-driven decision-making, profitable funnel management, and adherence to company goals.

Custom Bid Management

Crownsoft’s exceptional PPC ad marketing services customize bid management by default to optimize every dollar spent. Our expert PPC managers consistently monitor activities to identify fraudulent clicks and optimize every bid for maximum return on investment. 

Our proactive PPC bid management services monitor and optimize every bid, allowing you to focus on operations. 

Landing Page Optimization

Build alluring landing pages for campaigns with high-quality UX & UI, leveraging Crownsoft’s comprehensive PPC marketing services. Optimize landing pages with essential forms, interactive graphics & videos, and top-tier content for higher conversions.

Access a proficient team of designers, developers, content creators, and PPC experts for hands-on conversion rate optimization (CRO). Create captivating landing pages with our preset template gallery for faster development and hosting.

Lead Cost Optimization

Optimize lead generation costs with assistance from a dedicated PPC account manager. Maximize budget efficiency and ROI with: 

  • High-quality lead data from multiple sources
  • Strategic lead targeting at the right stage of the buyer journey
  • Audience filtering
  • Ad frequency optimization
  • Channel specific messaging
  • Inbound marketing solutions
  • Optimal landing page UX & UI

Unleash Revenue Potential and Drive ROI by Up To 25% with Actionable Lead Data Insights.

Did you know that 50% of users who click paid ads are likelier to buy from your business? Outpace the competition and capture audiences across platforms with a professional PPC management company. Crownsoft provides tailored PPC management services that complement your business objectives and deliver results, driving ROI up to 25%. 

Grow brand awareness by as much as 80% with Crownsoft's PPC management services.

Connect with our team now to discuss your ad marketing goals and utilize the full potential of Crownsoft’s PPC advertising services to amplify brand awareness.

Professional Keyword Research and Targeting Strategies

Tap into the knowledge of seasoned ad marketing professionals for advanced keyword research and targeting strategies to reach your target customers. Promote purchase intent clicks and drive ideal audiences to your website with proven PPC ad strategies. Our professionals expand your brand reach with strategic lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, Ingram, and many other analyses to optimize ad campaigns.

Competitive Bidding Techniques For Optimal ROI

Bid strategically to optimize ad spending with our expertly devised bidding techniques. Our result-oriented PPC strategies surpass conventional models to determine the most effective and efficient approach that scales return on ad spend.

Strategic Global Campaigns at Scale

Take advantage of actionable customer intelligence to drive ideal impressions throughout the buyer journey. Our value-driven PPC services help you scale return on investment and revenue.

Advanced Data-Driven PPC Marketing Strategies

Work with a leading paid marketing professional team to develop data-driven PPC strategies. Deploy advanced techniques and innovative ad strategies that grow your brand awareness, revenue, and web traffic.

How Crownsoft PPC Management Services Deliver Sales & Revenue Growth

Dedicated Account Representative

Partner with a dedicated PPC specialist for personalized attention and guidance throughout your paid campaigns.

Customized PPC Strategy

Create bespoke PPC strategies to suit your unique goals, needs, and industry, ensuring maximum effectiveness and ROI.

Extensive Keyword Research

Our PPC managers conduct comprehensive keyword research and analysis to identify the most relevant and top-performing search terms for ad campaigns.

Multi-Platform Targeting

Reach your target audiences across leading platforms, including Google (search and display), Bing, and Gmail, to maximize brand exposure and campaign reach.

Advanced Competitor Analysis

Crownsoft’s PPC services leverage AI to gain valuable insights into your competitors’ ad strategies, keeping one step ahead in the market.

Custom Ad Campaign Copy

Explore the craft of our skilled copywriting team to create compelling ad copies that resonate with your audiences. From persuasive language to engaging visuals, our specialized PPC management services drive exceptional results. 

Strategic Ad Bid Management

We manage your ad bids strategically, utilizing cutting-edge techniques to optimize your return on ad spend and ensure your budget is allocated wisely for maximum impact.

Continuous Optimization

We continuously monitor and optimize your ad copy, design, and targeting parameters to enhance campaign performance and drive greater click-through rates and conversions.

Account Settings Monitoring

Our diligent team monitors your account settings closely, making necessary updates and adjustments to ensure optimal PPC performance at all times.

Web Lead Phone Call Tracking

Track up to 100 web lead phone calls, gaining valuable insights into the impact of your PPC campaigns on generating valuable leads and conversions.

Timely Reporting

Stay informed with regular reports that provide comprehensive and actionable insights into the performance of your PPC campaigns, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Why Choose Our PPC Management Services

Experience the Difference With A Specialist PPC Management Company

Unparalleled PPC Consultancy

With our proven PPC management services, we create impactful ad campaigns that drive credible results. Consult with seasoned experts for campaign development, optimization, bidding strategies, A/B testing, landing pages, lead cost optimization, and much more. 

Transparent Pricing

Transparency is the cornerstone of our PPC services. We provide the necessary information upfront, including pricing and service features, allowing you to make informed decisions based on your budget and specific needs.

Leverage the Power of First-Party Data

Leverage the immense power of first-party data with our PPC advertising services. Simplify using first-party data in digital advertising quickly and hassle-free. No more wasting valuable time on complex and time-consuming procedures – with Crownsoft, you can tap into the potential of your data to drive revenue and achieve your objectives.

Aligned Goals for Optimal Results

When you choose Crownsoft’s PPC management services, your success becomes our top priority. You are not a client; you are a partner destined for success. We make your goals our own, going above and beyond to ensure that your ad campaigns exceed expectations. Your satisfaction is our ultimate reward.

Save Time with Comprehensive Management

Crownsoft takes the reins and handles every aspect of your pay-per-click campaign. We’ll handle everything from developing customized strategies and conducting advanced keyword research to crafting compelling ad copies and continuous optimization. With a dedicated campaign manager, you’ll receive personalized attention and weekly reporting on your campaign’s progress, saving you valuable time and resources.

Transparent ROI Reporting

We understand the importance of tracking and analyzing your ads’ performance. Our PPC management service provides comprehensive analytics, conducts A/B testing on landing pages, and ensures that your keywords drive results. Our team offers expert recommendations to optimize your campaign for maximum ROI.

Tailored PPC Campaigns for Your Business

We know your business is unique, and our team ensures your PPC campaign reflects that. Crownsoft ad managers handcraft campaigns personalized to your needs, industry, and goals. Choose from our range of PPC marketing plans – Basic, Aggressive, or Market Leader – to find the perfect fit for your business. Our flexible approach ensures you receive a customized strategy that aligns with your objectives.  

Why Invest in PPC Ad Marketing Services

Crownsoft gives you six fantastic reasons why PPC management services are a game changer for your business. 


Adhere to your budget limitations. With PPC marketing, pay for advertising only when ads are clicked. Optimize every dollar spent and maximize cost efficiency by paying for user clicks ready to convert.

Quantifiable Marketing Results, Fast 

Secure faster marketing results from the first week of launching campaigns. PPC earns $2 for every $1 spent, while SEO strategies take longer to materialize. PPC marketing instantly features brands in front of audiences intending to buy. Pay-per-click advertising can drive qualified traffic quickly to your website, providing quantifiable results.

Precise Success Tracking

With PPC services, tracking results to refine strategies is simpler. Marketers can easily execute A/B testing with varying copy and visuals and instantly compare results. Google Ads also offers detailed ad analytics for clicks, conversions, audience engagement, and user experience, enabling marketers to make impactful decisions backed by data.

Hyper-Targeting for Precise Reach

90% of online users see Google advertisements thanks to the Google Display Network. PPC ads enable hyper-targeting, delivering extremely customized messaging to the most relevant online audiences. PPC marketing uses demographic targeting, in-marketing audiences, intent-based audiences, remarketing and other tools to personalize ads to precise buyer personas.

Seamless Conversion Funnel

PPC streamlines the conversion process, conveniently directing audiences to information-rich landing pages. Ads offer a simplified customer journey, facilitating visitors’ desired actions, from submitting forms to making a purchase. This optimized user experience improves satisfaction scores, leading to higher conversions and revenue growth.

Revenue Growth

PPC is a revenue-generation machine! Pay-per-click generates double the traffic compared to organic results. In addition, PPC converts 50% better than organic traffic, so securing the top ad positions can capture qualified leads. It has also been identified that the top three paid ad results receive 41% of clicks on Google’s first page. Increased visibility drives traffic with buy intent to websites, resulting in revenue growth. 

Unlock the Power of Partnership: Why Collaborate with a Leading PPC Management Agency?

PPC is a dynamic and intricate process that demands constant fine-tuning for optimal results. As a business owner, your time is precious, consumed by essential tasks like financial management and inventory control. Running a successful PPC campaign requires dedicated attention, which is where a PPC management agency becomes your invaluable ally.


Discover the compelling advantages of entrusting your PPC endeavors to a professional agency:


Evade the Steep Learning Curve:

Mastering the intricacies of PPC requires comprehensive knowledge and expertise. To achieve a successful campaign, you must delve into the nuances of PPC strategies, techniques, and industry best practices. However, acquiring such proficiency demands considerable time and resources—an investment that may strain your already bustling business operations. By collaborating with a PPC management agency, you can bypass the need for extensive training, relying on their seasoned expertise.


Time Liberation:

Partnering with a PPC management company grants you the luxury of time. Remember, becoming a PPC expert necessitates a substantial commitment, potentially draining countless hours of your precious schedule. Regular monitoring and optimization demand unwavering attention. By entrusting these responsibilities to a competent agency, you can reclaim your time and focus on other critical aspects of your business.


Tailored Precision:

If you have specific goals in mind, such as crafting targeted PPC ads, honing in on specific keywords, targeting precise demographics, or launching a remarketing campaign, a PPC services agency understands your vision. Their seasoned professionals will work closely with you to develop and execute a tailored PPC campaign that aligns with your aspirations, ensuring tangible results.

DISCLAIMER: It is crucial to conduct thorough research to select a reputable PPC agency that offers the precise strategies and services you seek for your campaign’s success.


Harness Expertise:

When you collaborate with a PPC management agency, you gain access to a team of seasoned experts. These professionals have honed their skills through rigorous training and countless hours of practical experience. Their in-depth understanding of successful PPC campaigns positions them as trusted advisors and reliable partners. Why leave the success of your business to chance when you can leverage the expertise of these proven experts?


Unleash the Full Potential:

In the ever-evolving landscape of PPC advertising, partnering with a top-tier PPC management agency becomes an imperative for unlocking your business’s true potential. Allow Crownsoft, a distinguished leader in the field, to guide you on a path to PPC excellence.

Remember, success lies in making informed choices. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Embrace the power of collaboration with a renowned PPC management agency. Your business deserves nothing less!

PPC Management Services For Small Businesses

Almost 50% of small businesses utilize PPC marketing services to compete with enterprises.

At Crownsoft, we understand the unlimited possibilities of PPC marketing, which can help small businesses grow market share. Our expert PPC management services for small businesses include flexible pricing plans, dedicated account managers, all-inclusive marketing solutions, and continuous reporting systems to keep SMBs competitive.  


Talk to one of our PPC consultants today to start growing your brand & revenue.

Start Optimizing Your Marketing ROI With Data-Driven PPC Services

Consult with a Crownsoft PPC manager now, share your challenges, and scale your advertising ROI.

PPC Demystified: Unveiling the FAQs of Pay-Per-Click Management

Are you curious to learn more about PPC management services? We’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ to provide you with the answers you seek. Explore the world of PPC with Crownsoft:

PPC, or pay-per-click, is an ingenious online advertising approach in which advertisers only incur costs when users click on their ads. These ads can manifest across various digital platforms, including websites, search engines, and social media.

Enlisting PPC management services entails entrusting the professional management of your PPC strategy and campaigns to seasoned experts in exchange for a specified fee. This comprehensive management encompasses an array of critical components, such as strategy development, bid management, ad copy creation, and beyond.

The scope of deliverables within PPC services varies across service providers and the specific plan selected. You can usually anticipate comprehensive advertising coverage on leading platforms like Google and Bing. This entails meticulous keyword targeting, adept bid management, and the provision of routine reports to ensure complete transparency and informed decision-making.

Budgetary considerations are integral when evaluating PPC services. Small-to-midsize businesses average approximately $9,000 to $10,000 per month towards PPC endeavours. Costs comprise the ad spend and the fees associated with professional management services. Agencies typically structure their pricing models based on a percentage of the ad spend, although flat fee arrangements are also prevalent.

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