Do not Sell my personal Information (for CA only)

Do Not Sell My Personal Information – Exclusively for Texas Residents

Crownsoft generally does not engage in the business of selling personal information. However, there may be limited circumstances where we share personal information in a manner that could be considered a sale under Texas law. This notice allows you to direct Crownsoft to refrain from selling your personal information in the future in accordance with Texas law.


Please be aware that this right is specific to Texas residents and is subject to certain limitations. For instance, we reserve the right to deny your request if there is a reasonable belief that the opt-out request is fraudulent. Additionally, there may be situations where we are legally required or permitted to share your information with third parties. For detailed information about our sharing practices and the choices available to you as a Texas resident, please refer to Crownsoft’s Texas Consumer Privacy Statement.


Furthermore, our Cookie Policy contains additional information about the sharing of personal information. It outlines your options regarding Advertising and Social Media Cookies and provides access to our cookie consent manager. By taking this extra step and removing any existing cookies from your device, you can opt out of the sharing or sale of personal information associated with your browser or device.


Please note that this notice exclusively pertains to Crownsoft and not to our clients or other third parties. If you have a relationship with Crownsoft’s clients or have consented to the sharing of your information with them, we advise you to consult their respective privacy statements to understand their sharing practices and the choices they offer.


Insert check box here I affirm that I am a Texas Resident.


If you are not a Texas Resident, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy to learn more about your rights under applicable privacy laws and how Crownsoft safeguards your information.


If you wish to opt back in and permit Crownsoft to sell your personal information, please click here.

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